10 New Ways To Wear Your Old Sweaters!!

Hey Peeps! Sorry for the late post. I apologize for the delay but hopefully it’s worth it…
Let’s talk about knitwear. Are your winter sweaters starting to feel more stable than stylish. How many times have you worn the same sweater with the same pair of pants in the same exact way?
Bring them back to life with these styling tips guaranteed to inspire endless new outfit ideas. You probably already own all stylish pieces to make your old sweater feel new again so ‘No Shopping‘ required.

1. Chambray Shirt
Any sweater looks infinitely more stylish with a chambray shirt layered underneath. It’s a perfect way to add another element to a typical sweater and jeans outfit while remaining casually cool. Also you can roll up the sleeves of your chambray shirt, then push them up to your elbows.


Let the shirt hang out of the bottom of your sweater for an effortlessly polished look that’s slightly undone.

2. Throw on a Blazer
We are used to wearing simple blouses or T-shirts under blazers, but they look unbelievably chic when paired with a sweater instead.


Choose a sweater that has flattering shape then choose a long, loose fitted blazer in a bright color. It’s fresh, unexpected and a huge tend for winters.

3. Accesorize
Accessorizing with a necklace is a great way to jazz up your sweater. You need to pay attention to the shape of sweater when choosing what necklace to wear. You can use these winter accessories to bring more color, print and pattern to your look.



High neck sweaters like turtle necks and crew necks look best with short statement necklaces while low neck sweaters like V neck and boat necks look best with long, pendant necklaces.

4. Scarves are your best friends
If there’s one winter accessory you should not be without, it’s a scarf. A big chunky, knit scarf is the easiest way to breathe new life into an old sweater.


Wrap it around your neck multiple times for a boho-chic look.

5. Add a Pop of Color to your look
We tend to gravitate more towards darker colors in the winter and often that gives us a very boring look so to avoid that, make sure to add at least a pop of color somewhere in your outfit.


It could be bright Cami underneath a heavy coat or a cute and colorful beanie to top off a head to toe look.

6. Layer Up
Just because you have to wear a bulk winter coat everyday, doesn’t mean you can’t wear a light jacket underneath as a part of your outfit. While the cropped jean jacket would look great. The rule in general is to keep it to 3 layers max but sometimes breaking the rule can be rewarding.



Personally I like to keep piling on the layers until I get warm enough as long as I don’t end up looking too chunky or bulky.

7. Belt It
Turn a shapeless, figure hiding sweater into a shirt with addition of skinny belt by wrapping it around the smallest part of your waist.



Opt for a bright color to brighten up your winter wardrobe.

8. Colorful Earrings
Big, colorful Earrings are just the thing to make your old sweater ooze style again.


Choose a pair with bright colors in notice-me length to add a feminine spin on any ratty old sweater.

9. Collar It
Any collared shirt from your closet would work here. The collar peeking out helps define the neckline.


Patterned ,bejeweled or even a white shirt would work.

10. Do the Tuck
Treat your sweater like a blouse and Tuck it into a high waisted pant or skirt.


It will help create shape, show off your figure and provide infinitely more cool way of carrying your old sweater.

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