Girlish Sporty Everyday Wear

In modern life you can buy sportswear not only for trainings, run and gyms but also for everyday wear! In this post we are going to observe girlish sporty everyday wear essentials.I’ve made a stunning collection, where I’ve included all kinds of sports trends.
This year you can express your sporty mood in any forms, by styling bright or pastel colors, cool hoodies, sporty sneakers, chunky sandals or simple slip-ons with your everyday basics.

1.Make it sweet and youthful. Go for a cropped white tee and pair it with yellow bodicon. Finish the look by adding round shaped clutch and black sneakers.

s1The trick of wearing sporty casuals is to choose something that you’d wear to the gym and combine it with your favorite street wear essentials. Personally, I am totally in love with athletic wear that is meant to be worn in everyday life. If you want to know how to wear this year’s sportswear trend without looking like you are about to hit the gym or run, then I recommend to scroll down and see possible outfit variations by yourself. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

2.Keep it cool with denim overalls,loose white tee and saddle bag!

s23.The shift has a straight fit. It comes with an athletic silhouette and feminine look. Try on some printed version and pair it with rounded sunglasses or aviators and converse for sporty look!!

s34.Keep it sporty and simple: Yellow sweatshirt, black jeans, black hoodie, and pale yellow Converse. the perfect spring into summer women’s fashion outfit.

s45.White cream cotton overall shorts look awesome styled with round glasses and dark blue messenger bag.



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